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Our FAME members are community leaders committed to building the
regional workforce talent that helps advance and grow the advanced
manufacturing industry. To find a member near you, please visit the


FAME Student Award

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Announced in 2015, FAME is pleased to spearhead an effort that
provides a student award each year to a student at FLCC who is
pursuing an education that prepares them for employment in
advanced manufacturing. This award raises awareness for FAME
in the region, creates awareness of career opportunities in advanced
manufacturing, and helps strengthen our workforce pipeline.


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Building the Pipeline for our Regional
Advanced Manufacturing Sector

We are asking you to pledge 5% of your current workforce to the future.
That means that for every 100 employees in your organization, you will
strive to provide five temporary positions for interns, high school students,
and/or the long-term unemployed as a method of exposing them to the
manufacturing culture through experience.


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MISSION: Our commitment to the region's advanced manufacturing
companies is to build world-class workforce talent that have the skills,
inspiration, and motivation to advance the industry.

VISION: Our investments in workforce talent create the most
profitable and productive region in advanced manufacturing.


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