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FAME Meeting Details

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Visit our Events Calendar for the current FAME meeting schedule. Below are agendas and minutes from previous and upcoming meetings.


FAME Annual Meetings:


April 2020: Industry 4.0 – Preparing for the Jobs of the Future

April 2019: Regional Apprenticeships – A School to Career Connection

March 2018: Career Exploration and Reality Redesigned

February 2017: FAME at 10/Edge Factor

January 2016: Tomorrow’s Jobs:  How recent developments in our region will impact education and training.

January 2015: Driving a New National Skills Policy:

How Local Partnerships Like FAME Are Making a Difference!

January 2014: Driving a New National Skills Policy:

Why Local Partnerships Like FAME Make a Difference!

January 2013: College AND Career Ready –

How New Requirements in Schools Will Impact YOUR Future Workforce

November 2011: Creating an Economy that Works!

October 2010: The Future is Your Decision

November 2009: Creating the Multi-Skilled Technology Worker Pipeline, A Toyota Perspective


Committee Meeting Agendas & Minutes:


Hiring & Training Committee

Please see Pipeline listing below for Joint H&T/Pipeline meetings until a new H&T Chair is found.


Pipeline Committee