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FAME Strategic Priorities

Our focus is workforce talent


Priority #1:

Improve collaboration with workforce educators and help advanced manufacturing companies recruit, hire and train skilled workers.

  • Direct curriculum development and worker training, focusing on the adaptability and retraining of our existing workforce.
  • Determine new certificate programs.
  • Improve course offerings and curriculum.
  • Engage students in careers through work opportunities.
  • Inform companies with community college’s incumbent worker programs.
  • Address barriers to employment such as transportation issues.
  • FAME Educator FACT Sheet


Priority #2:

Build a pipeline of skilled qualified advanced manufacturing candidates, by engaging youth in pursuing manufacturing careers.

  • Engage K-12 students in careers through work opportunities and activities.
  • Establish tours, internships and job shadows with companies.
  • Work with community college and community organizations to engage students in tours and internships.
  • Provide classroom presentations.
  • Determine grant funds available to companies for help in hosting/funding internship opportunities and special student initiatives.
  • FAME Parent FACT Sheet


Priority #3:

Raise awareness about the importance of and opportunities in advanced manufacturing.

  • Conduct outreach in the community.
  • Sponsor and host outreach and networking events.
  • Create educational tools and information to support the advanced manufacturing sector.
  • FAME Economic Development FACT Sheet


Events & Activities