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Building the Pipeline for our Regional Advanced Manufacturing Sector


To succeed, manufacturers need a skilled workforce, strong business model, leadership and a thriving community. In the Rochester region, poverty and unemployment are increasing. It has become a challenge to find qualified workers. Now is the time to unite and pledge to expand our workforce and long-term prosperity as business leaders in the community.


Make the 5% Pledge!
We are asking you to pledge 5% of your current workforce to the future. That means that for every 100 employees in your organization, you will strive to provide five temporary positions for interns, high school students, and/or the long-term unemployed as a method of exposing them to the manufacturing culture through experience. In turn, these workers will gain valuable skills and experience to guide them as they become the workforce of tomorrow.




Submit the form below, and make the pledge:

  • Strive to hire five temporary workers (interns, high school students, long-term unemployed) for every 100 current employees. If you have 20 or less employees, just hire 1 student or intern!
  • Expose the workers to the manufacturing culture – highlight the high-tech capacity and future opportunities in manufacturing and skills needed to be successful in this industry.
  • Work with FAME, local colleges and high schools to match your organization with qualified candidates for your business.


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5% Pledge – Fill out and submit this form today!


Thank you to the following organizations who have signed the 5% Pledge!  Click HERE to find out more about these corporate partners!


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