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Supporting students as we build the Pipeline for our Regional Advanced Manufacturing Sector.


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Announced in 2015, and going strong in 2021, FAME has spearheaded an effort that provides a student scholarship each year to a student at FLCC who is pursuing an education that prepares them for employment in advanced manufacturing.  This scholarship raises awareness for FAME in the region, creates awareness of career opportunities in advanced manufacturing, and helps strengthen our workforce pipeline.


The fund is an Endowed Account (FLACE) at CNB Wealth Management with oversite by a FAME Committee, and all contributions are tax deductible. Please consider a donation to help us meet the following goals:
Promote – Advanced manufacturing employment opportunities and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) education within the Finger Lakes region
Intern – Each winner will have an opportunity to intern at a participating FAME company; in fact, we try to connect each applicant with FAME members
Education – Award $s are for educational expenses
Purpose – Provide financial support to students pursuing a career in advanced manufacturing


The ultimate hope is to raise $100,000 so that the fund will be endowed and self-sustaining.  We are on the right path to make this happen, but we need your help and support.  If you have questions or would like to participate on the FAME Student Scholarship Committee, please contact Rick Plympton, email:


Optimax Systems created the scholarship concept and presented the first check for $10,000 on January 28, 2015 to get the fund started.  The first FAME AM Student Scholarship was awarded in the Fall of 2015 to Clay Tietjen, a student at FLCC who also completed an internship at GW Lisk during the Summer of 2015. Clay was pursuing his degree in Instrumentation & Control Technologies (ICT) at FLCC, under Dr. Sam Samanta.


From left: Rick Plympton (Optimax Systems), Clay Tietjen (FLCC ICT student), and Dr. Sam Samanta (FLCC, Physics/ICT)


In January 2016, the scholarship received a boost from GS Plastic Optics and Tel-Tru in the form of a matching commitment program for donations received in 2016 in honor of their 100th anniversary as a manufacturer of precision products in Rochester, NY.  GS Plastic Optics and Tel-Tru committed to helping FAME reach their fundraising goal by pledging $5,000.  In addition, they also challenged other manufacturers to help FAME raise more money to support workforce development in our region.  If FAME raised at least $10,000 from other companies in 2016, GS Plastic Optics and Tel-Tru would match it with an additional pledge of $5,000.  In that way their pledge of $10K had the potential to be leveraged to raise an additional $10K for total of $20K for the FAME Student Scholarship fund!  Click here to read the inspirational story behind this generous commitment.


FAME’s 2016 Scholarship recipient was Marguerite Archer, a full-time student at FLCC in the Instrumentation and Control Technologies (ICT) program under Dr. Sam Samanta.



From left: Rick Plympton (Optimax Systems), Marguerite Archer (FLCC ICT student), and Dr. Sam Samanta (FLCC, Physics/ICT)


FAME’s 2017 Student Scholarship recipient was Caitlyn Six.  Caitlyn was a student in FLCC’s Mechanical Technology program.   The Mechanical Technology program is designed to give students hands-on experience working with equipment such as mills and lathes while training them how to use drawing software like Inventor and Solidworks for drafting purposes. This gives students more marketability and makes it more likely that they will be able to obtain employment upon graduation.



Caitlyn Six (left, FLCC); Ale’ Mendoza (right, FAME/Optimax Systems)


FAME’s 2018/2019 Student scholarship winner was Victor Halfmann.  Victor was a Mechanical Technology student at FLCC that wanted his future career to balance hands-on machine work in manufacturing and seat work that prepares reports and analyzes results.



Victor Halfmann (left, FLCC) with Ale’ Mendoza (right, FAME/Optimax Systems).


FAME’s 2019/2020 Student Scholarship recipient was Kevin Stottler from FLCC.  Kevin previously worked in print and plastics at Bristol ID Technologies, but wanted to develop his skills and find more interesting work in manufacturing. He decided to go back to school. His goal was to graduate from the FLCC Instrumentation and Control Technologies program and find rewarding employment.


Kevin Stottler (center) with Dr. Sam Samanta (left, FLCC) and Rick Plympton (right, Optimax Systems).


A brief description of the scholarship follows:


FAME Advanced Manufacturing Student Scholarship
Amount: $1,000
Benefactor:  FAME (Finger Lakes Advanced Manufacturers’ Enterprise)


This scholarship was created in 2015 to promote advanced manufacturing employment opportunities and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) education within the Finger Lakes region.  It is given annually to students that have an interest in leveraging their talents in a manufacturing environment.  Each winner will be given the opportunity to intern (paid work-study position) at a participating FAME company.  This scholarship may be spent on any educational expense.  The economic beauty of manufacturing businesses is that we produce products that are sold outside the Finger Lakes region; this brings money into our community.  By encouraging students to pursue opportunities in advanced manufacturing, we are assisting with the future viability of our regional industry.


For more information about the application process for the scholarship, please see the FLCC Scholarship webpage for returning students:



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